Heavy Duty Towing

Your Reliable Source in Heavy Truck Hauling

We are number one in southern California and that’s because we have the best reliable services around that no one else can beat. Heavy duty towing Sherman OaksWe offer the best services around with the best technicians here working for us with years of experience. We make sure that all of our technicians are qualified in every aspect of our services and we make sure of this before we send them out in the fields. Heavy duty towing Sherman Oaks wants to make sure that your vehicle is well taken care of and in good hands. If you must ask we do have the license and permits to perform the necessary equipment to perform the service.

Different Tow Trucks for Different Situations

Los Angeles towing has two types of trucks that can do every job that need to be done which are the wheel lift and flatbed tow trucks. They are each made for a specific purpose which ill explain in a moment. The flatbed tow truck is best used for vehicles that are involved in accident or if they are AWD vehicles. Now we have the wheel lift which is used for vehicles that are stuck in gear and wont shift to neutral and for some odd reason your vehicle get stuck inside a parking structure. Both of these trucks can do the same job

Roadside Assistance and Solutions to Your Problems

Now since we talked about our tow trucks lets talk about some of the roadside services that we provide includes tire changes, lockouts, jump starts and gas deliveries. Another great service that we provide is battery replacement where we basically take you a brand new battery and replace it for the old one on the spot so you can get on your way. One more great service that our tow trucks provide is winch out services where we basically can pull out your vehicle if it is stuck in sand, grass, mud, and even dirt.

We Can Handle Any Size

Let not forget our bigger vehicles we can also assist you with that with our heavy duty lowboy and heavy duty wrecker they basically do the same thing as our regular tow trucks. These heavy duty trucks can tow any large commercial vehicles, buses, rv’s, motor homes and even storage containers.

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